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Triple-S becomes offical Claroty partner and reseller

Triple-S becomes offical Claroty partner and reseller

OSLO, NORWAY – February 6, 2018 – Triple-S a certified Rockwell Automation Distributor, announced today that it has become an official Claroty partner and reseller of the Claroty platform. Now as an official partner and reseller Triple-S will represent Claroty in Norway and have access to resources for technical, business, and sales enablement to help its industrial customers design, architect, build and manage their Claroty solutions.
Claroty is an innovator in Operational Technology (OT) network protection focused on driving enhanced security for the networks that power the world’s critical infrastructure. With an unmatched understanding of ICS, SCADA and other essential OT/IIoT systems, the Claroty Platform provides the deepest and broadest coverage of ICS systems, protocols and networks available on the market today.

The Claroty platform is an award-winning suite of integrated products specifically designed for Industrial Control Systems (ICS or OT) environments. It provides comprehensive protection, detection and response capabilities – yielding unmatched cyber-risk management for OT/ICS networks. The platform proactively protects industrial control systems and continuously monitors industrial networks in a passive manner for cyber threats. This approach ensures no interruption to critically important industrial processes.
With Secure Remote Access, asset owners can employ policies to control remote employee and third-party access to critical systems, and record the sessions. Continuous Threat Detection creates a detailed inventory of industrial network assets, identifies misconfigurations, monitors traffic between assets, and finds anomalies that may indicate the presence of a malicious actor. Context rich alerts provide plant and security personnel with actionable insights for efficient investigation, response, and recovery.
 “The security industry is waking to the reality that rapid innovation is required to better secure the industrial networks that run the world’s critical infrastructure,” said Colin Blou, Head of Worldwide Sales for Claroty. “As a result, we are witnessing a massive surge in customer demand. To better meet the needs of our customers across the world, partnering with leading companies such as Triple-S is of critical importance. We are proud to bring Triple-S into our growing network of partners and resellers, and excited to support their efforts to help their clients drive better security for the critical networks they own and manage.”
“Triple-S has for decades helped customers to be more competitive by utilizing advanced automation systems. We have witnessed the evolution from standalone machines to fully connected enterprises,” said Eiliv Elvebakk, CEO of Triple-S.  “The convergence between IT and OT is happening and data from the plant floor becomes available and contextualized by use of analytics. With this evolution there is however a great risk. OT systems are suddenly exposed for hacking and other criminal activities. For Triple-S, securing OT systems to reduce risk for downtime and loss of intellectual property, is a clear goal. The partnership with Claroty is major step in achieving this goal,” concludes Eiliv Elvebakk.

About Triple-S 
With unique expertise and technology Triple-S delivers profitability for Norwegian industry and the public sector. Triple-S business areas are Automation, Networks, OT security and Digitalization. Triple-S is a certified Rockwell Automation distributor as well as being certified as a Cisco OT partner. Other strategic partnerships include ProSoft, HMS Industrial Networks, Kyland, Win911 and eks Engel. Triple-S is a wholly owned subsidiary of the listed technology trading group Addtech AB (ADDTB:SS).

About Claroty
Launched as the second startup from Israel’s famed Team8 foundry, Claroty combines an elite management team and deep technical expertise from both IT and OT disciplines. Claroty exited stealth mode in late 2016 with $32 million in venture capital from marquis investors such as Bessemer Venture Partners and Eric Schmidt’s Innovation Endeavors. The company boasts a world class management team from companies including Siemens, IBM, Waterfall Security, Palo Alto Networks, iSIGHT Partners, FireEye, CyberArk, Belden, Tofino Security, Tripwire, ICS2 and Industrial Defender.  Claroty has an elite ICS security research organization that comprises the top 1% of the 1% of cybersecurity experts from the Israeli Defense Force Unit 8200.  With an unmatched understanding of ICS, SCADA and other essential OT/IIOT systems, the Claroty Platform provides the deepest and broadest coverage of ICS systems, protocols and networks available on the market today. For more information, visit www.claroty.com
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