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Type2 Pair 0320-30mm GuardShield

Produktnummer: 440L-P2KD0320YD

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GuardShield Type 2 Safety Light Curtains, Pair (Transmitter and Receiver), Type 2, Res 30mm, Pt Ht 320mm, 16 Beams , Restart interlock with EDM , Micro style quick-disconnect connector

GuardShield, Type2 Pair 0320-30mm, Pair, GuardShield 30 mm Resolution, Restart Interlock with EDM, 320 mm Protective Height, Micro QD, IP65

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  • High degree of reliability
  • Simple installation
Length 445 mm (17.5 in)
Type Two Operating Mode Restart interlock with EDM
Beams 16
Resolution 30mm
Type of Unit Pair (Transmitter and Receiver)
Protected Height 320mm (12.6 in)
Integrated Laser Alignment No
System Connector Micro style quick-disconnect connector
Lengde 53.01
Høyde 18.999
Livssyklus Active