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SMC-50 MYKST. 251/435A 200-480V.100-240VAC HJ.SP.

Produktnummer: 150-S251NBD

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150 SMC-50 Controller Open, 251 A, , 100...240V AC (two 24V DC inputs and two relay outputs standard), 200...480V AC, 3-Phase, 50 and 60 Hz

SMC-50 Open Smart Motor Controller with Bypass, 251A, 200-480Vac 3-phase50/60 Hz, 200HP @ 460V, 100-240Vac Control

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  • Provides 108...480 A range with internal bypass power structure
  • Provides built-in electronic motor overload protection
  • Includes four special operating modes
  • Includes three hardware expansion ports
  • Offers optional communication modules that support multiple networks
  • Offers optional Parameter Configuration Module, Human Interface Module, or PC-based software for programming and monitoring
  • Provides 90…520 A range with solid-state power structure
  • Includes 17 start and stop modes
10 Enclosure Type
0 Controller Ratings
30 Control Module Power Voltage
20 Input Line Voltage
Lengde 73.025
Høyde 39.37
Livssyklus Active