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Series 1442 Probe Driver

Produktnummer: 1442-DR-5890

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Eddy Current Probe Driver, 9.0 Meter

Eddy Current Probe Driver, 9.0 Meter

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  • Offers sensor tip diameters from 5...50 mm (0.20...1.97 in.)
  • Suitable for vibration, speed/acceleration, rotor/position, and differential expansion measurements
  • Fully API-670 compliant
  • Offers frequency response from DC to 10 Hz (-3 dB)
  • Offers non-contact pick-up probe, extension cable, and driver system
  • Includes color-coding to assure appropriately matched probes, extension cables, and drivers
Drivers Eddy Current Probe Driver, 9.0 Meter
Application Vibration, Speed, Thrust
Special Features Color Coded for 9m Sys Length
Isolation 50V Terminals to Mounting Rail
Type 1442 Series ECP Driver
Sub Brand 1442 Series
Probe Tip Diameter 5 & 8 mm
System Length 9 m
Opprinnelsesland JP
Tolltariffnummer 85439000
Lengde 10.897
Høyde 8.509
Livssyklus Active