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Series 1442 Probe Driver

Produktnummer: 1442-DR-5890

inkl. mva.

Eddy Current Probe Driver, 9.0 Meter

Eddy Current Probe Driver, 9.0 Meter

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  • Offers non-contact pick-up probe, extension cable, and driver system
  • Suitable for vibration, speed/acceleration, rotor/position, and differential expansion measurements
  • Includes color-coding to assure appropriately matched probes, extension cables, and drivers
  • Fully API-670 compliant
  • Offers sensor tip diameters from 5...50 mm (0.20...1.97 in.)
  • Offers frequency response from DC to 10 Hz (-3 dB)
System Length 9 m
Sub Brand 1442 Series
Isolation 50V terminals to mounting rail
Type 1442 Series ECP Driver
Special Features color coded for 9m sys length
Probe Tip Diameter 5 & 8 mm
Application vibration, speed, thrust
Drivers Eddy Current Probe Driver, 9.0 Meter
Opprinnelsesland JP
Tolltariffnummer 85439000
Lengde 10.897
Høyde 8.509
Livssyklus Active