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PowerMonitor 5000 Power Quality Meter

Produktnummer: 1426-M6E

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Bulletin 1426 PowerMonitor 5000 M6, Power Quality Power Meter

Bulletin 1426 Power Quality Power Meter

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  • Provides a second communication port
  • Offers configurable alarms for up to 20 events
  • Calculates over 6,000 parameters every cycle
  • Includes 4 digital inputs for WAGES data collection
  • Provides virtual wiring correction capability
  • Includes native EtherNet/IP™ port
  • Monitors 4 voltage and 4 current channels for every electrical cycle — 1024 data points across 8 channels every 12-17 milliseconds
  • Includes 4 outputs for connection to SCADA or control systems
Class Power Quality Power Meter M6
Type Power Quality Power Meter M6
Opprinnelsesland MY
Tolltariffnummer 90283019
Lengde 26.899
Høyde 17.094
Livssyklus Active