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PowerMonitor 500 Power Meter Indicator

Produktnummer: 1420-V2

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PowerMonitor 500, 600V AC

PowerMonitor 500, 600V AC

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  • 1400-PM-ACC
  • Includes 4 configurable alarms
  • Provides full integration with RSEnergyMetrix® asset management software for a complete energy management solution
  • Includes multiple communication protocols, including Modbus RTU and EtherNet/IP™
  • Measures voltage, current, power, energy, demand, and power factor
  • Offers compact size and panel mounted
  • Includes built-in LCD display allows you to record data centrally and display it locally
Accessory PowerMonitor Protective Connnection Kit
Output Type None
Voltage 600V AC
Communications None
Opprinnelsesland IT
Tolltariffnummer 90303380
Lengde 16.51
Høyde 10.389
Livssyklus Active