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PowerMonitor 500 Power Meter

Produktnummer: 1420-V1P

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PowerMonitor 500, 240V AC, 2 Dual Relay Outputs

PowerMonitor 500, 240V AC, 2 Dual Relay Outputs

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  • 1400-PM-ACC
  • Measures voltage, current, power, energy, demand, and power factor
  • Includes multiple communication protocols, including Modbus RTU and EtherNet/IP™
  • Includes built-in LCD display allows you to record data centrally and display it locally
  • Includes 4 configurable alarms
  • Provides full integration with RSEnergyMetrix® asset management software for a complete energy management solution
  • Offers compact size and panel mounted
Accessory PowerMonitor Protective Connnection Kit
Output Type 2 Dual Relay Outputs
Communications None
Voltage 240V AC
Opprinnelsesland IT
Tolltariffnummer 90303380
Lengde 16.612
Høyde 10.211
Livssyklus Active