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PowerMonitor 1000, Consumption, ENet

Produktnummer: 1408-BC3A-ENT

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Powermonitor 1000, Energy Monitor BC3, 120/240V AC Power Supply, Serial RS-485 Communications (DF1 Full/Half Duplex, Modbus RTU) and Ethernet Communications (Ethernet/IP and Modbus TCP)

Consumption meter with Ethernet/IP communications

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  • Provides wiring diagnostics
  • Available in a compact size
  • Offers ability to view data and configure through the integrated web page
  • Includes energy, min/max, status, and load factor logs
  • Includes integrated LCD display
  • Includes time of use (On-Peak, Off-Peak)
  • Includes panel or DIN rail mounting
  • 60;1400-PM-ACC
10 Control Power
20 Communications
0 Model Functionality
50 Interface
40 Type
30 Accessories
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Lengde 20.447
Høyde 15.24
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