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Plotter for merkesystem

Produktnummer: 1492-PLTKIT

inkl. mva.

Bulletin 1492 X-Y Plotters create marker cards that can be used on terminal blocks, wires, cables, and other industrial components. This plotter marking system is robust and flexible enough to allow partial marking on cards, or to mark as many as five cards at a time. It's ideal for low- to medium-volume marking requirements.

Egenskaper for produkt/familie

  • 20;Allows you to create custom marker card layouts and customize characters using ClearTools™ software which is included
  • 40;Plots full or partial marker cards
  • 10;Kit includes plotter, adapter plate, disposable pen, cables, and user manuals
  • 30;Loads as many as 5 cards at a time (mix and match)
  • 50;CE Marked
Plotter System (X-Y Style) X-Y Plotter