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Mykstarter 19A 200-480VAC, 100-240VAC HJ.

Produktnummer: 150-C19NBD

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SMC-3, 3-Wire, Open Type, 19A, 480V, 3-Phase, 50/60Hz Max, Control Voltage 100...240V AC

Smart Motor Controller, 19A, 480V, 3-Phase, 50/60Hz, 100...240V AC, Open

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  • Includes hold-to-test/push-to-reset button
  • Provides built-in electronic motor overload protection
  • Provides built-in silicon-controlled rectifier (SCR) bypass/run contactor
  • Offers easy and secure setup using DIP switches
  • Includes five start and stop modes
Max. Hp, 60Hz (200/208V) Delta-Connected 3...10
Max. Hp, 60Hz (230V) Delta-Connected 3...10
Max. kW, 50Hz (380/400/415/460V) 7.5
Max. kW, 50Hz (380/400/415/460V) Delta-Connected 4...15
Max. Hp, 60Hz (380/400/415/460V) Delta-Connected 5...15
Amperage Rating 19A
Max. Hp, 60Hz (230V) 2...5
Max. Hp, 60Hz (380/400/415/460V) 5...10
Max. kW, 50Hz (230V) Delta-Connected 2.2...7.5
Max. Hp, 60Hz (200/208V) 1.5...3
Current Rating 19A
Line Voltage 480V 60Hz
Starting Duty 350%
Control Voltage 100...240V AC
Enclosure Type Open
Opprinnelsesland KR
Tolltariffnummer 85371098
Lengde 18.59
Høyde 9.19
Livssyklus Active