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KONTAKTOR 60A AC3 230V50/60

Produktnummer: 100-C60KF00

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100-C IEC Contactor, 230V 50/60Hz, Screw Terminals, Line Side, 60A, 0 N.O. 0 N.C. Auxiliary Contact Configuration, Single Pack

Contactor, 60 A, 230V 50/60 Hz, AC, 3 Normally Open Poles, 230V AC 50/60 Hz, No Contact Configuration, Single Pack, Line Side Coil Termination, Screw Terminals, Motor Load

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  • Includes reversible coil terminations (line or load side)
  • Provides front and side mounting of auxiliary contacts
  • Includes built-in surge suppression
  • Includes electronic and pneumatic timing modules
  • Includes space-saving coil-mounted control modules
  • Reduces drop-out time to 18-23ms, a reduction of up to 50% compared to standard electronic coils
  • RoHs compliant
  • Provides reversible coil terminations (line or load side)
  • Provides IP2X finger protection
  • Offers common accessories for all contactor sizes
  • Meets IEC, UL, and CSA standards requirements
70 Electrical Standards
90 Actual Life
80 Utilization Category
40 Coil Termination
0 Terminal Type
60 Package Quantity
30 No. of Poles
50 Contact Configuration
10 Rated Operating Current, AC-3
20 Coil Voltage
150 Connection
230 3-Phase HP (60 Hz) 460V Rating
210 3-Phase HP (60 Hz) 200V Rating
160 3-Phase kW (50 Hz) 230V Rating
180 3-Phase kW (50 Hz) 500V Rating
190 3-Phase kW (50 Hz) 690V Rating
170 3-Phase kW (50 Hz) 400V/415V Rating
220 3-Phase HP (60 Hz) 230V Rating
240 3-Phase HP (60 Hz) 575V Rating
200 1-Phase HP (60 Hz) 230V Rating
120 Left Side Auxiliary Contact
100 100-C or 104-C Contactor
130 Right Side Auxiliary Contact
140 Interlock
110 Front Mounted Auxiliary Contact
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