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Produktnummer: 100-C43UEJ00

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100-C IEC Contactor, 24V DC Electronic Coil, Screw Terminals, Load Side, 43A, 0 N.O. 0 N.C. Auxiliary Contact Configuration, Single Pack

Contactor, 43 A, IEC, 24V50/60Hz/24VDC Elec Cl, Electronic, 3 Normally Open Poles, 24V DC Electronic, No Contact Configuration, Single Pack, Load Side Coil Termination, Screw Terminals, Motor Load
Actual Life Actual Life Cannot be Calculated (more information)...
Rated Operating Current, AC-3 43A
Package Quantity 1
No. of Poles 3 Poles
Coil Voltage 24V DC Electronic Coil
Terminal Type Screw Terminals
Contact Configuration 0 N.O. 0 N.C. Auxiliary Contact Configuration
Coil Termination Load Side
Interlock None
100-C or 104-C Contactor None
Left Side Auxiliary Contact None
Right Side Auxiliary Contact None
Front Mounted Auxiliary Contact None
3-Phase HP (60 Hz) 575V Rating 30
3-Phase kW (50 Hz) 690V Rating 22
3-Phase kW (50 Hz) 500V Rating 25
3-Phase kW (50 Hz) 400V/415V Rating 22
3-Phase HP (60 Hz) 200V Rating 10
1-Phase HP (60 Hz) 230V Rating 7.5
3-Phase kW (50 Hz) 230V Rating 13
Connection Screw Terminals
3-Phase HP (60 Hz) 460V Rating 30
3-Phase HP (60 Hz) 230V Rating 15
Utilization Category AC-3 Squirrel-cage motor starting and stopping
Electrical Standards UL
Opprinnelsesland PL
Tolltariffnummer 85364190
Lengde 11.811
Høyde 5.969
Livssyklus Active