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Kapslet starter IP66 12A, 3,2-16 A m/betj. 230VAC stryresp.

Produktnummer: 109-C12VKFE1D-1

109C IEC Enclosed Non-reversing Non-Combination Starter, 100-C12, IP66 (EN/IEC Only) ABS Plastic - Small (Indoor Use Only), 230V 50/60Hz, E1 Plus OLR 3.20 - 16.00A

Starter, IEC Enclosed, 230V 50/60 Hz, Type 1 - IP66 Plastic - Small, 0, START-STOP Push Button, E1D

Egenskaper for produkt/familie

  • Metal enclosures, IP42 Type 1 and IP66 Type 3/2/12
  • Bimetallic Class 10 or solid-state overload relays
  • Impact-resistance molded plastic enclosures, IP66 Type 4/4x/12
Enclosure IP66 (EN/IEC Only) ABS Plastic - Small (Indoor Use Only)
Contactor Size 100-C12
Selections Push Buttons START (Green) and STOP (Raised Red)
Coil Voltage 230V 50/60Hz
Phases Three Phase
Full Load Current Range (A) 3.20 - 16.00A
Overload Relay Type 193-EE, Adjustable Trip Class 10...30, Automatic/Manual Reset
Max. Hp, (575V) Three-Phase 10
Amperage Rating 100-C12 (12 Amps)
Max. Hp, (115V) Single-Phase 1/2
Phase Three Phase
Max. Hp, (460V) Three-Phase 7-1/2
Max. kW, (380/415V) Three-Phase 5-1/2
Opprinnelsesland PL
Tolltariffnummer 85371098
Lengde 35.001
Høyde 16.408
Livssyklus Active