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Frequency Counter Module, IntrinsicallySafe

Produktnummer: 1719-IJ

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Ex I/O Frequency Counter

Zone 2/Class I, Div 2 Mounting, Frequency Counter Module, IntrinsicallySafe

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  • Provides intrinsically safe I/O to satisfy application requirements, certified for Zone 2 or Class I, Div 2 mounting
  • Integrates with the Integrated Architecture® system for easy configuration
  • Offers compact, chassis-based I/O design where power supply is contained on the chassis
  • Includes DLR adapter and optional power supply redundancy
  • Supports in RSLogix 5000® v24 and above with Add-on Profile
  • Connects on EtherNet/IP
  • Offers HART 7 support that is standard on all analog modules
Counter Modules Ex I/O Frequency Counter
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