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Enpac Rubber Bump Sleeve

Produktnummer: 1441-PEN25-RBS

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1441-PEN25-RBS: Rubber Bump Sleeve

1441-PEN25-RBS: Rubber Bump Sleeve

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  • Provides 128 MB internal memory
  • Includes data collector, battery, global power supply, communication cable splitter, hand strap, dust cap set, transit case, rubber bump sleeve, and operating system CD
  • Works with Emonitor® predictive maintenance analysis software
  • Includes fault frequency identification
  • Offers built-in and user editable rule sets
  • Supports Secure Digital (SD) cards up to 16 GB
  • Allows tags to be imported from a Logix controller, scheduled or on demand
  • Includes the ability to download defect frequencies to collectors
  • Supports Dynamix 2500 and Enpac 2500 Data Collectors
  • Provides ability to schedule automated data collection from any number of 1444 series or 1440 series monitors or machines
  • Includes sunlight-visible color LCD
  • Allows the ability to import/export data from any OPC server
  • Offers live data view from any 1444 series monitor on any machine, by any user from any location
Dynamix Portable Data Collection Accessories and Replacement Parts for Dynamix 2500
For Dynamix2500 1441-PEN25-RBS: Rubber Bump Sleeve
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