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EFFEKTBRYTER 10A **End of Life 25.02.2022**

Produktnummer: 140M-D8N-C10

inkl. mva.

MCP, Standard Magnetic Trip (Fixed at 13 x le), 10 A, High Performance, Frame Size D

Circuit-Breaker, Motor Circuit Protector, TheMaxRtgForMPCBs=630.0A, 10A, Frame Size D, High Breaking Capacity, No Bus Bar Mount, 10 A, NoKnob Adaptor Modification, for Thermal Overloads, None, None, None, Std Mgntc Tr (Fxd at 13 x le)., None, UL 508 - Manual MotorCntrlr, None, Trigger Constraints, None, No Options Right

Egenskaper for produkt/familie

  • Offers high switching capacity
  • Includes visible trip indication
Side Mount Auxiliary and Trip Contacts (TESTDESC) None
Front Mount Auxiliary and Trip Contacts None
Side Mount Shunt Trip and Undervoltage Release None
Type High Breaking Capacity
Breaking Capacity High Breaking Capacity
Circuit Breaker Type Motor Circuit Protector
Rated Operational Current (A) 10A
Frame Size Frame Size D
Magnetic Trip Current (A) 130A Fixed
UL Listed Application Ratings UL 508 - Manual Motor Controller
Application Standard Magnetic Trip (Fixed at 13 x le)
Supply Voltage 480V 60Hz
Coordination Type Type 1
Opprinnelsesland CH
Tolltariffnummer 85362010
Lengde 9.7
Høyde 5.1
Livssyklus Active