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1715 16 Point Digital Input Module

Produktnummer: 1715-IB16D

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16-point digital input module

Input Module, Redundant I/O, DC Digital, 16 Point, 18-32VDC, DIN Rail Mounted, IP20, Operating Temperature -25...70 1/4C (-13...158 1/4F)

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  • Built-in diagnostic testing
  • Eight isolated output channels per module
  • Support short circuit and open circuit line fault detection
  • Offer fail-safe design and operation
  • Allow module removal and replacement online with no interruption of the signal inputs
  • Suitable for simplex and duplex connections and for fault tolerant applications
  • Include two-terminal current regulating device
  • Provide secure communication between modules for fault tolerant operation
  • 16-channel connection capability
  • Allow dual redundant field power feed capabilities without requiring external diodes
  • Provide voltage and current monitoring on each channel with reverse current protection
  • Offer 4…20 mA output
  • Offer flexible, modular construction for user-configurable I/O applications
  • Offer 4…20 mA input
  • Offer 24V DC output
  • Require no additional hardware or programming software
  • Provide duplex series output switches with overload protection for each channel
  • Provide input voltage data for line monitoring and field fault detection
  • Provide I/O redundancy for system requiring high availability
  • Offer 24V DC input
  • Support as many as eight field devices
Type Digital Input
Operating Temperature -25...70 °C (-13...158 °F)
Application Chassis Based
Input Signal 18-32 VDC
Special Features Redundant I/O
Number Of Channels 16
Enclosure None (open style)
Display Module Health and Status
Mounting DIN rail
I/O Modules 16-point digital input module
Opprinnelsesland MX
Tolltariffnummer 85389099
Lengde 25.908
Høyde 8.001
Livssyklus Active