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ArmorPoint 8 Point Combination Module

Produktnummer: 1738-8CFGM23

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1738 ArmorPoint Digital I/O Modules, DC, Self Configuring Module, 8 Configurable Sinking Inputs or Sourcing Outputs, M23

I/O Module, ArmorPoint I/O, Discrete, DC, Self Configurable, 8 Point, M23 Input/Output Connectors, Sealed, IP69K

Egenskaper for produkt/familie

  • Available with DeviceLogix™ technology
  • Powered from the backplane by the communication module or expansion power supply
  • Choices include digital, analog, and specialty I/O
40 Type
60 Number Of Channels
50 Power Supply
70 Interface
30 Termination Type
20 Number of Inputs or Outputs
0 I/O Type
10 AC/DC
Opprinnelsesland SG
Tolltariffnummer 85389099
Lengde 6.604
Høyde 12.395
Livssyklus Active