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SLC 5/04 64K Controller

Produktnummer: 1747-L543

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1746 SLC System, SLC 5/04 Controller, 64K Memory

SLC 5/04 Controller, 64K Memory

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  • Built-in RS-232/422/423 communication port
  • Backup options for increased fault tolerance through the ControlNet™ Hot Backup module or the PLC-5 Backup Communication module
  • Advanced instruction set including file handling, sequencer, diagnostic, shift register, immediate I/O, and program control instructions
  • Universal Remote I/O ports can be configured as an I/O scanner port or an I/O adapter port
  • One or more on-board ports that can be configured for either Data Highway Plus™ (DH+) or Universal Remote I/O
  • Ethernet PLC-5® controllers and the Ethernet interface module (1785-ENET) provide built-in web services
  • DeviceNet and ControlNet I/O on selected processors
  • Ladder-logic and structured-text programming
SLC 5/04 Processor SLC 5/04 Controller, 64K Memory
Communication DH+ and RS-232
Mounting Chassis
Operating Temperature 0...60 °C (32...140 °F)
Display Status LEDs
Power Supply 1746-P1 to 1746-P7
Brand Name Allen-Bradley
Application controller
Memory 64KB
Product Family SLC 500 Controllers
Class Central processing unit CPU processors
Communication Ports Data Highway Plus
Processor SLC 5/04 Controller, 64K Memory
Type Modular Controller
Enclosure None (open-style)
Memory Size 64 KB
Opprinnelsesland SG
Tolltariffnummer 85371098
Lengde 25.001
Høyde 5.999
Livssyklus Active Mature