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POWER 1-Fase 240W/10A-24VDC, 90-264VAC

Produktnummer: 1606-XLB240E

inkl. mva.

Power Supply 100-240Vac input, 24Vdc, 240Watt (10A) output

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  • Designed for extended mean time between failure for longer service at a significant price advantage
  • Clicks smoothly onto any standard DIN rail and features large-sized terminals which makes wiring easier
  • Includes single-board design that enables up to 95.2% efficiency, and reduces heat output which can put less thermal stress on other components in the enclosure
  • Provides a DC-OK signal which allows the ability to monitor the output voltage of the unit
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Family Basic Family
Product Selection 1606-XLB240E: Basic Power Supply, 24-28V DC, 240 W, 90-264V AC Input Voltage
Special Features Basic Family
Type Power Supply
Please Note: Input Specs
Product Functionality Power Supply
Lengde 12.4
Høyde 5.08
Livssyklus Active