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MSR138DP, 24VAC/DC, tidsomr: 0,5..10sek.

Produktnummer: 440R-M23147

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Monitoring Safety Relays w/ Delayed Outputs -, Inputs, Safety Outputs, N/A Auxiliary Outputs,

Safety Relay, MSR138DP, 24V AC/DC, Automatic/Manual Monitored, Removable, 45MM Housing Width, 0.5 to 10 Seconds Delay, Infinite, One 2 N.C. Input, One LC Input, 2 Safety Output, 3 N.O. Relay Delay Output, CAT 4 Rated

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  • Provides expansion modules with timing functions for the Guardmaster® Safety Relays and the MSR relay family
  • Increases the number of outputs while retaining the same integrity as the base unit
Relay Model Selected MSR138DP
Output 2 N.O., 3 N.O. Delayed
Delayed Timing 0.5 to 10 seconds
Reset Configured Automatic/Manual or Manual Monitored Reset
Removable Terminals Removable
Immediate Auxiliary Outputs N/A
Delayed Safety Outputs 3 N.O.
Immediate Safety Outputs 2 N.O.
Power Supply 24V AC/DC
Opprinnelsesland DE
Tolltariffnummer 85364190
Lengde 12.09
Høyde 5.004
Livssyklus Active