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Guardshield Light Curtain PAC

Produktnummer: 440L-P4AL3400YA

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GuardShield Perimeter Access Control (PAC), Safety Light Curtain, Pair (Transmitter and Receiver), Type 4, Yes, Pt Ht 820mm, 3 Beams with 400mm Spacing, IP65, ArmorBlock Guard IO M12 (Tx: 4 or 5-pin, Rx: 5-pin)

Guardshield Light Curtain PAC, Pair, Safety Category 4, Integrated Laser Alignment, Three Beams, 400mm Beam Spacing, None, Mini QD Armor Block I/O

Egenskaper for produkt/familie

  • Optically synchronized, which eliminates hard-wiring for synchronization
  • Offers multiple models:
  • Offers simplified setup though Integrated laser alignment system
  • Offers advanced functions:
  • Offers a wide operating range:
Type Pair (Transmitter and Receiver)
Immutable Standard
Protected Height 820mm (32.3 in)
Type of Unit Pair (Transmitter and Receiver)
System Connector ArmorBlock Guard IO M12 (Tx: 4 or 5-pin, Rx: 5-pin)
Integrated Laser Alignment Yes
Beams 3 Beams, 400mm (15.7 in) Spacing
Lengde 134.0
Høyde 21.5
Livssyklus Active