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Produktnummer: 1492-J120

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Terminal Block, Screw Connection, Feed Through, 27 x 91 x 84mm (1.06 x 3.58 x 3.31 in), 1 Pole, Gray, Pkg. Qty. of 5, VOLTAGERATING UR - 1000V AC/DC, CSA - 1000V AC/DC, IEC - 1000V AC/DC, MAXIMUM CURRENT RATING UR - 228A, CSA - 220A, IEC - 269A, WIRE R

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  • Easy installation or removal from both sides of DIN Rail
  • Tin-plated terminal and zinc chromate steel screws
  • Backed-out screws
  • Compatible with several high visibility snap-in marker cards
  • Finger-safe housing
  • Copper current bar and tin-plated surface
  • Self-locking screw type clamp design
  • Four-sided funnel wire guides
  • Wide range of accessories available
  • Counter-sinking of clamping screws
Special Features Standard Feedthrough
Base Block Style Standard Feed-Through Blocks
Base Block Type One-Circuit Feed-Through Block
Color Gray (Standard)
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Høyde 6.807
Livssyklus Active