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Micro810 PLC 24VDC, 8DI (4 combo 0-10V AI), 4DO, Rele

Produktnummer: 2080-LC10-12QWB

inkl. mva.

8-24V DC/V AC Input, 4-Relay Output Controller

Micro810 Controller, 8IN 24VDC, 4AIN 0-10V, 4RLY, 24V PWR

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  • Allows you to configure and operate smart relay function blocks without programming (LCD required)
  • Offers 12-point controllers
  • Includes 8 A outputs, which replace the need for external relays
  • Supports program download through USB programming port (adapter required)
  • Allows you to monitor and modify application data using optional 1.5-in.local LCD
Micro 810 M810 System with Base unit and Plug-in options
Digital Input Type 24V DC/V AC
Number of Input Points available 8
Digital Output type Relay
Number of Output Points Available 4
Opprinnelsesland SG
Tolltariffnummer 85371091
Lengde 11.811
Høyde 6.909
Livssyklus Active

Micro810 LCD Display With Keypad

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Micro810 PLC 12..24VDC, 8DI (4 combo 0-10V AI), 4DO, trans.

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