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Konfigurerbar NAT router

Produktnummer: 1783-NATR

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Networks and Communication Products, 1783 Configurable NAT Router

Configurable Network Address Translator Router

Egenskaper for produkt/familie

  • Includes an Embedded Network Discovery Tool with a DHCP Server for network analysis and configuration
  • Includes VPN application for secure remote access
  • Offers simple configuration via webpage with embedded help files
  • Supports both Linear and Device Level Ring (DLR) topologies on the machine network
  • Includes SD Card support for initial configuration and backup/restore
  • Supports RSLinx® EtherNet/IP driver
  • Provides simplified device backup and restore via SD card storing configuration
  • Uses simple 1:1 Network Address Translation (NAT) to map IP addresses on the machine subnet to IP addresses on the control network (support for up to 32 translation mappings)
  • Supports 1 GBps Ethernet speed for excellent network performance
  • Provides Ethernet IP address translations for up to 128 devices
  • Blocks broadcast and multi-cast network traffic bi-directionally
  • Enables redirection of selected protocols, such as CIP, ICMP, HTTP, DNS for stable network connection
  • Can be configured via a web page or Electronic Data Sheet Add-on Profile
Network Address Translator(NAT) Device 1783 Configurable NAT Router
Type Network Address Translation Device
Opprinnelsesland US
Tolltariffnummer 85176200
Lengde 13.97
Høyde 11.43
Livssyklus Active