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E300 DeviceNet Comm.Module

Produktnummer: 193-ECM-DNT

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E300 Overload Relays (193/592 IEC/NEMA), DeviceNet Communication Module

Overload Relay, Electronic, E300, Communication Module, DeviceNet

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  • Offers the ability to customize the E300 Overload Relay by selecting one each of the following modules:
  • Offers simplified wiring and easy integration into Logix
  • Provides enhanced diagnostic information for single & three phase applications
  • Includes intelligent motor control (EtherNet/IP, DeviceNet, and non-networked options available)
  • Offers modular solution with wide current range & adjustable trip class
  • Includes integrated I/O (additional expansion I/O available)
Communication Module DeviceNet Communication Module
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