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Stratix 5100 Wireless AP-WGB (RegD A)

Produktnummer: 1783-WAPAK9

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Stratix 5100 Wireless AP-WGB(RegD A)

Stratix 5100 Wireless AP-WGB (RegD A)with acc

Egenskaper for produkt/familie

  • 110;1585J-M8TBJM-1M9
Stratix Ethernet Family Stratix 5100
Ethernet Family Stratix 5100 Wireless AP-WGB(RegD A)
Environment IP30
Sub Brand Stratix 5100
Environmental Conditions IP30
Network Media Male RJ45 to Male RJ45 Patchcord, Unshielded Twisted Pair, Teal TPE Cable, 1.9 m
Do you need integrated DLR? No
# of Copper Ports Required 8 or less
# of Fiber Ports Required None
Type Wireless Access Point - Work Group Bridge
Do you Need PoE(Power Over Ethernet) No
Lengde 25.53
Høyde 10.8
Livssyklus Discontinued