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SensaGuard rektangulær

Produktnummer: 440N-Z21SS2AN9

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SensaGuard, 18mm (0.71 in.) Assured Sensing Distance, LED Door Indication/Diagnostic ,3 M PVC Cable, Margin Indication, 9N Fixed Magnetic Hold, Plastic Rectangular,Standard Code Actuator

440N Non Contact Switch, SensaGuard, Magnetic Hold andMargin, 2 N.C. Safety, 1 N.O Aux, Solid StateContacts, Rectangular, Standard Code, PVC Cable3M, Plastic Rectangular Flat Pack

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  • Provides IP69K washdown rating
  • Provides switches that can be connected in series with other devices
Housing Style Plastic Rectangular Flat Pack
Safety Outputs 2 x PNP, 0.2A, max: Status: ON (+24V DC)
Product Family SensaGuard
LED Indication for Door Status and Troubleshooting Yes
Type Plastic Rectangular Flat Pack Standard Code Actuator, Margin Indication/Magnetic Hold
Auxiliary Outputs 1 x PNP, 0.2A, max Auxiliary Output
Connection 3 M PVC Cable
Assured Sensing Distance (Make) 25 mm (0.98 in)
Magnetic Hold / Integrated Latch Non-Adjustable (9 Newtons)
Actuator Code Type Standard Code
LED Indication for Margin Yes
Lengde 25.146
Høyde 3.81
Livssyklus Active