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MSR320P, Inputmodul for 2*2kanal

Produktnummer: 440R-W23218

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Modular Monitoring Safety Relay - Inputs, N/A Safety Outputs, 2 N.O. Solid State Auxiliary Outputs

Safety Relay, MSR320P, Removable, 17.5MM Housing Width, Infinite 0.5 s 3 s, (2) 2 NC Inputs, 2 1 N.O & 1 NC Inputs, 2 Safety Mat Input, TwoLC Inputs, One SIPHA input, 0 Safety Output, 2 N.O. Aux. Solid State Out, CAT 4 Rated

Egenskaper for produkt/familie

  • Allows connection of multiple input modules to a single base unit
  • Performs simple function block logic configurations through rotary switch settings as opposed to software configuration
  • Includes logic configuration with multiple inputs and control of multiple independent outputs
Simultaneity Infinite, 0.5s, 3s
Sipha Sensor Yes
Delayed Safety Outputs N/A
Selection Select relay by Relay Model Number
Solid State Outputs N/A
Category Rating Cat. 4 per EN 954-1 (ISO 13849-1)
Delayed Timing None/N/A
Reset None / N/A
Output N/A
Group Number N/A
Muting No
Delayed Auxiliary Outputs N/A
Relay Model MSR320P
Enclosure 17.5 mm
Contact Rating 24V DC, 20mA
Power Supply N/A
Output Switching Current, AC No AC
Interface Type N/A
Immediate Auxiliary Outputs 2 N.O. Solid State
Removable Terminals Removable
Opprinnelsesland DE
Tolltariffnummer 85369095
Lengde 10.49
Høyde 2.997
Livssyklus Active Mature