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MSR127T 230VAC, auto/man

Produktnummer: 440R-N23124

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440R Single Function Safety Relays, 1 N.C.,3 N.O., , 230V AC , Fixed,Automatic/Manual Reset

Safety Relay, MSR127TP, 230VAC, Automatic/Manual, Fixed, 22.5MM Housing Width, Infinite, One 2 N.C. Input, One LC Input, 3 Safety Output, 1 N.C. Aux. Relay Output, CAT 4 Rated

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  • Ideal for relatively small safety applications and single zone control
  • Available in electromechanical versions or solid-state models
  • Offers compact packages with removable terminals
Relay Model Selected MSR127RP/TP
Single Wire Safe Output N/A
Removable Terminals Fixed
Immediate Auxiliary Outputs 1 N.C.
Single Wire Safe Input N/A
Delayed Safety Outputs N/A
Power Supply 230V AC
Immediate Safety Outputs 3 N.O.
Reset Automatic/Manual Reset
Logic Configuration None
Output 3 N.O.
Opprinnelsesland DO
Tolltariffnummer 85364190
Lengde 10.389
Høyde 2.794
Livssyklus Active