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Trojan 6 Tongue Interlock switch

Produktnummer: 440K-T11459

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Tongue Switch - Trojan 6: Contacts(Safety and Aux): 2 Normally Closed, 2 Normally Open, BBM Preference: Break Before Make, Actuator: No Actuator, Model Type: GD2 Style Metal Head, Conduit Entry: M20 Conduit

Tongue Interlock, Trojan 6, GD2 Metal Head, 2 N.C. Safety, 2 N.O Aux, 2 N.C. Safety Contacts, Break Before Make, No Actuator, 2 N.O. Auxillary Contacts, M20 Conduit, Tongue Interlock Switch, Plastic

Egenskaper for produkt/familie

  • Strong and versatile, can be used in most applications
Actuator No Actuator
Product Family Trojan 6
Model Type GD2 Style Metal Head
Housing Type Plastic
Contacts (Safety/Auxiliary) 2 Normally Closed, 2 Normally Open
Conduit Entry / Connection Type M20 Conduit
BBM or MBB Break Before Make
Lengde 5.004
Høyde 13.995
Livssyklus Active