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Guardmaster 440N Non Contact Switch

Produktnummer: 440N-Z21W1PB

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Magnetically Coded, MC2 , 2 N.C. Solid-State Relay Safety Outputs 1 x PNP (0.2 A max), Status: OFF (0V DC) Aux Outputs,, LED Indicator,10 M Cable,

440N Non Contact Switch, Magnetically Coded, No Special Features, 2 N.C. Safety, 1 N.O Aux, Solid State Relay, Standard Actuator, Standard Code, PVC Cable 10M, Plastic Small Flat Pack

Egenskaper for produkt/familie

  • High tolerance to misalignment
  • Non-contact actuation
  • Designed for use with specified controllers
  • Magnetic coded sensing
Auxiliary Outputs 1 x PNP, 0.2A, max: Status OFF (0V DC)
Safety Outputs 2 Normally Closed (N.C.) Solid State Relays
Type MC2
LED Indicator Yes
Product Family Magnetically Coded
Connection 10 M Cable
Lengde 15.596
Høyde 6.706
Livssyklus Active