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Sensaguard 30mm sylindrisk

Produktnummer: 440N-Z21U26A

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SensaGuard, 25mm(0.98 in.) Assured Sensing Distance, LED Door Indication/Diagnostic ,3 M PVC Cable,18 mm Plastic Barrel with 30 mm Plastic Unique Code Actuator,Unique code Actuator

Non Contact Switch, SensaGuard, No Special Features, 2 N.C. Safety, 1 N.O Aux, Solid State Contacts, 30mm Target, Unique Code, PVC Cable3M, Plastic 18mm Barrel

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  • Provides switches that can be connected in series with other devices
  • Provides IP69K washdown rating
Actuator Code Type Unique Code
Assured Sensing Distance (Make) 25 mm (0.98 in)
Auxiliary Outputs 1 x PNP, 0.2A, max Auxiliary Output
Safety Outputs 2 x PNP, 0.2A, max: Status: ON (+24V DC)
Product Family SensaGuard
Connection 3 M PVC Cable
Type 18 mm Plastic Barrel with 30 mm Plastic Unique Code Actuator
Housing Style 18 mm Cylindrical Barrel
LED Indication for Door Status and Troubleshooting Yes
Lengde 19.177
Høyde 4.445
Livssyklus Active