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Produktnummer: 440P-CHLS11B

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Safety Limit Switch, 22mm Plastic, Hinge Lever, 1 N.C., 1 N.O., Snap Acting, M20 Conduit

Safety Limit Switches, Small Plastic IEC, Full Sw Head & Body, Hinge Lever, 2 Circuits, Conduit Entry, Snap Acting, 1 Normally Open Contact, 1 Normally Closed Contact, Standard Contacts, -25C Low Temp Limit, 65C High Temp Limit, Spring Return, M20 Threads, 22mm Small IEC Style Mounting

Egenskaper for produkt/familie

  • Positive operation, forced disconnection of contacts
  • Conforms to EN 50047, EN 1088, EN 60947–5–1, EN 292 and EN 60204–1
Operator Type Hinge Lever
Body Style 22mm Small Plastic Body
Connection Type M20 Conduit
Contacts (Safety/Auxiliary) 1 N.C., 1 N.O.
Contact Type Snap Acting
Opprinnelsesland TW
Tolltariffnummer 85365080
Lengde 12.294
Høyde 3.505
Livssyklus Active