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Embedded Input/Output Accessories

Produktnummer: 1799-DSCCON

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Embedded Input/Output Accessories, Connector, D-Shell Input/Output Mating, Distributed I/O, with Header and Crimp Pins

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  • Includes output short-circuit protection which protects outputs against accidental miswiring
  • Provides cards that can be embedded directly into or onto a machine
  • Offers built-in EtherNet/IP™ network connectivity
  • Includes 24V DC universal inputs and user-selectable sink/source output types
  • Includes dual-port EtherNet/IP card includes embedded switch technology to support device-level ring (DLR) topologies
Accessories D-Sub(50 pin) I/O Mating Connector (Crimp)
Lengde 17.0
Høyde 12.499
Livssyklus Active