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CompactBlock LDX 16 Point Comb Block

Produktnummer: 1790D-8BV8B

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Block, Combination, Distributed I/O, 16 Point, 8 Universal Input, 8 Sourcing Output, 24-24V DC, DeviceNet, D-Shell, IP20

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  • Offers choice of fixed screw terminals, or D-shell connector for convenient disconnection
  • Allows addition of expansion blocks to a base block for up to 80 points per node
  • Includes node address switches and autobaud rate detection which simplifies network commissioning
  • Includes compact package for easy installation in confined areas, including wireways and operator terminals
  • Offers base blocks that provide 4…32 I/O points
  • Includes built-in DeviceNet™ network connectivity
  • Includes universal sink/source inputs which reduce the number of components to stock and provide flexibility of input types
Digital Combination Base Blocks DeviceNet LDX, 24VDC, 8 Universal In/8 Source Out Base Block, D-Shell
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