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ArmorStratix 5700 10 port managed switch

Produktnummer: 1783-ZMS4T4E2TGN

inkl. mva.

ArmorStratix 5700, 4 copper 10/100 ports, 4 PoE 10/100 ports, 2 copper10/100/1000 ports, Full FW, 1588 PTP, NAT

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  • Provides integrated Device Level Ring (DLR) connectivity to help optimize the network architecture and provide consolidated network diagnostics
  • Provides Premier Integration (CIP-enabled) to the Rockwell Automation Integrated Architecture® system
  • Simplifies device replacement via SD card storing entire configuration
  • Provides advanced features including Power-over-Ethernet (PoE), gigabit ports and IEEE 1588 support
  • Enables secure integration with enterprise network using Cisco Internet Operating System (IOS)
  • Minimizes hardware in the control cabinet for a compact solution
  • Offers integrated Network Address Translation (NAT) which provides 1:1 IP address mapping helping to reduce commissioning time
  • Includes IP67-rating for protection in extreme conditions
  • 150;9313C-NMMS01T11
  • 150;1585D-M8UGDM-1
Stratix Ethernet Family ArmorStratix 5700
Environment IP67
Ethernet Family ArmorStratix 5700, 4 copper 10/100 ports, 4 PoE 10/100 ports, 2 copper 10/100/1000 ports, Full FW, 1588 PTP, NAT, DLR
Factory Talk Manager FactoryTalk Network Manager License (download)
Network Media Shielded tear PUR,4 twisted pairs, 26 AWG ,Industrial Cat 6, UL Listed ,weld splatter,sun light and oil resistant Cable,1 m
Environmental Conditions IP67
Sub Brand ArmorStratix 5700
Mounting Din Rail
Operating Temperature -40..60 °C (-40...140 °F)
# of Copper Ports Required 9 to 20
Do you Need PoE(Power Over Ethernet) Yes
Do you need integrated DLR? Yes
# of Fiber Ports Required None
Do you need routing capability..? No
Type Managed Switch
Lengde 33.401
Høyde 21.59
Livssyklus Active